Travel Must-Haves Make & Take Class

Summer Travel Must-Haves Make & Take Class

You will learn how easy it is to make your own toxin-free travel items. Learn all about how essential oils can support your body naturally, safely and without chemicals. The education is FREE! We will be making $5 roller bottles, you make only what you want.

You will walk away with newfound knowledge on why it's so important to continue a "clean" lifestyle, even when away from home. This event is great for anyone who leaves home for an extended vacation, a weekend getaway, travel for work, or even a stay-cation!

Please be sure to register so that we have enough materials for everyone. Bring a friend and get an item for FREE!

I am committed to helping people learn how easy it is to live a chemical and toxin free lifestyle using plant based medicine. If you or anyone in your home struggle with a chronic condition, it is imperative that you get rid of the toxic load surrounding you in the form of everyday household and personal care products. For those who claim not to have any serious health challenges, it is still imperative that you lighten your toxic load as our society is introducing more and more chemicals and pollutants at an alarming rate. Our bodies can only take so much before something's gotta give. But YOU are not a victim, YOU can take charge and start making small changes that will impact your health and wellness in a positive way.

Feel Free To Call 860-478-5400 With Any Questions Or Click The Button Below To Register

When And Where
From June 28, 2019 - 06:00 PM To 7:30 PM EDT
74 Park Road West Hartford 06119 United States