Are You Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

You’ll come to realize that every decision, every workout, and every product you use in or on your body will either move you in the direction of your goal or pull you away from your target.

The difference between winning and losing is often a tenth of a second, an hour in the gym, one unhealthy meal, hitting the snooze button or simply not using the right products to perform optimally.

The Tool of Top Athletes!

Most athletes are looking for something that will give them the edge and the answer is Essential Oils.

At my upcoming event, PEAK PERFORMANCE on Friday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm EST, you will learn how top performing athletes are incorporating Essential Oils into their lives and gaining access to a new level of performance that is derived from a safe and effective enhancement.

Essential Oils should be used during your pre­-event, during­-event, and post­-event as a tool to help prepare, perform, and refuel.

The best part is that once you learn how to use Essential Oils correctly, the far­-reaching benefits are extremely noticeable.

I have spoken with athletes who have told me that they have no idea how they performed prior to using Essential Oils and this is my goal for you during our time together on Friday, February 22nd.

Hosted by:

Marilyn Strudwick

Let’s Improve Your Performance Naturally!

When And Where
From February 22, 2019 - 06:30 PM To 8:00 PM EST
384 Middle Turnpike West Manchester 06040 United States